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Saturday, June 18, 2011

15 Laws of Training

My colleague at work, also a runner, dropped by my desk last week and returned Tim Noakes', Lore of Running. For a moment I wished I had driven to work this day so I would't need to carry this book back home in my laptop case. For those of you who know this book, it's not only heavy, but also a little bit overwhelming with close to 1000 pages of advanced information about physiology and biochemistry of running, training, racing and staying injury free. However, browsing this book during my lunch break, I came across a chapter describing 15 laws of training and had an idea that this list would provide a good structure for my weekly posts to help us learn and improve our training methods together. So here you go: 15 Laws of Training by Tim Noakes:

  1. Train Frequently, All Year-Round
  2. Start gradually and train gently
  3. Train first for distance, only later for speed
  4. Don't set your daily training schedule in stone
  5. Alternate hard and easy training
  6. At first try to achieve as much as possible on a minimum of training
  7. Don't race when in training or run at race pace for distances above 16km
  8. Specialize
  9. Incorporate base training and peaking (sharpening)
  10. Don't over-train
  11. Train with a coach
  12. Train the mind
  13. Rest before a big race
  14. Keep a detailed logbook
  15. Understand the holism of training

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