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Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

It always surprises me how resilient a human body is. As an example, my recovery could be depicted by an exponential curve where many days of no significant improvement are suddenly followed by a dramatic progress.  Mon: felt exhausted, Tue: crappy, Wed: tired, Thu: sleepy, Fri: boom, fantastic! Life is good again. Just came back from my first run after the race last Sunday, easy 10 miles around Science World.

Every year on this day, I can’t resist spending a few minutes on retrospection of my path that led me from a small town in Poland to Vancouver, Canada,  a place I have been calling home since 1989. A place where my son was born, where I found so much happiness and discovered my passion for running.  And every year on this day I can’t stop thinking that I love this country, this city and this team. Happy Canada Day!!

To ride this wave of positive outlook and optimism I want to make a solid commitment and run 200 miles in the next 20 days as part of my training. Some of you will probably ask: Are you crazy? Why? Some of you will ask: Can you do it? And some will ask: How can you do it?

I will answer these questions in my next post on Saturday. However, tonight I'm off to Granville Island to catch some free jazz concerts. And yes, I will enjoy some beers as my 5-day Advil treatment is over. Just in time to celebrate Canada Day!

Run Strong!

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