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Monday, December 22, 2014

New Year 2015

Every year I try to remind myself of the 25 rules of running and adjust my training if necessary. My right knee injury reminded me to follow Rule 5 on several occasions in 2014. So instead of pounding the pavement I ended up in the gym on the elliptical. I have been religiously following Rule 7: a day of recovery for each mile of racing. That translates into recovering for at least 26 days after a marathon before resuming hard workouts or running another race. Indeed, it took over a month for my energy to return to a normal level after the latest MCM race in October. It's always tempting to stretch some of the rules and sometimes it's difficult to follow others. However, these rules provide us with a collective wisdom helping us improve, run faster and stay injury free.

Have a great holiday season and awesome injury-free running in 2015. Run Strong!

1. The Specificity Rule
The most effective training mimics the event for which you're training.
2. The 10-Percent Rule
Increase weekly training mileage by no more than 10 percent per week.
3. The 2-Hour Rule
Wait for about two hours after a meal before running.
4. The 10-Minute Rule
Start every run with 10 minutes of walking and slow running, and do the same to cool down.
5. The 2-Day Rule
If something hurts for two straight days while running, take two days off.
6. The Familiar-Food Rule
Don't eat or drink anything new before or during a race or hard workout.
7. The Race-Recovery Rule
For each mile that you race, allow one day of recovery before returning to hard training or racing.
8. The Heads-Beats-Tails Rule
A headwind always slows you down more than a tailwind speeds you up.
9. The Conversation Rule
You should be able to talk in complete sentences while running.
10. The 20-Mile Rule
Build up to and run at least one 20-miler before a marathon.
11. The Carbs Rule
For a few days before a long race, emphasize carbohydrates in your diet.
12. The Seven-Year Rule
Runners improve for about seven years.
13. The Left-Side-Of-The-Road Rule
To keep safe, run facing traffic.
14. The Up-Beats-Down Rule
Running uphill slows you down more than running downhill speeds you up.
15. The Sleep Rule
Sleep one extra minute per night for each mile per week that you train.
16. The Refueling Rule
Consume a combination carbohydrate-protein food or beverage within 30 to 60 minutes after any race, speed workout, or long run.
17. The Don't-Just-Run Rule
Runners who only run are prone to injury.
The Even-Pace Rule
The best way to race to a personal best is to maintain an even pace from start to finish.
19. The New-Shoes Rule
Replace running shoes once they've covered 400 to 500 miles.
20. The Hard/Easy Rule
Take at least one easy day after every hard day of training.
21. The 10-Degree Rule
Dress for runs as if it's 10 degrees warmer than the thermometer actually reads.
22. The Speedwork-Pace Rule
The most effective pace for VO2-max interval training is about 20 seconds faster per mile than your 5-K race pace.
23. The Tempo-Pace Rule
Lactate-threshold or tempo-run pace is about the pace you can maintain when running all-out for one hour.
24. The Long-Run-Pace Rule
Do your longest training runs at least three minutes per mile slower than your 5-K race pace.
25. The Finishing-Time Rule
The longer the race, the slower your pace.

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