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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

3 Days After

Hope your recovery after Scotia Half is going well. I know Liz is doing fine. Liz and I were on the same bus going to work early this morning and I quickly learned that she was enjoying fresh air running around False Creek yesterday. On  the other hand, I was spinning in steamy studio in my gym, listening to the same sets of songs,  still not able to run after Sunday. My recovery has been progressing slower than expected. I did another spinning class tonight and hope to finally go for a run on Friday morning before work. 
The downhill stretch from UBC must have wrecked havoc to my legs on Sunday. They felt swollen and hot just after the race. I was concerned about having issues with inflammation again. Having experienced inflamed IT Band for 4 weeks last February, I would do anything to stay injury free and when it comes to inflammation I would not hesitate to use all tools that science or nature gave us and are at my disposal:

Cold Bath
Back home I tried to drop the internal temperature down a notch. With a little bit of procrastination, I filled my bathtub with lukewarm water and went in.  Not bad, even enjoyable. Turning on a tap with cold water was less pleasant. The water temperature dropped quickly. 
Listening to the Arcade Fire was a needed distraction. It was long, long 10 minutes before I got out. 

One of the personal trainers in my gym told me about his college days when he was on Advil for long stretches of time when playing rugby in Australia. Every workout or game was followed by hours of socializing in a local pub. It’s hard to resist Australian Shiraz, isn’t it? He developed ulcers after few years of this lifestyle. A lesson-learned I will always remember: Advil and alcohol don’t mix. One capsule of Advil in the morning and one in the evening have been part of my ritual since Sunday. I will need to stop after 5 days, just in time for a glass of Argentinean Malbec on Friday evening :-)

Voltaren Emulgel 
Another weapon in my arsenal against inflammation is Voltaren Emulgel specifically formulated for rubbing into a skin directly on inflamed joint or muscle. A former professional soccer player from Greece and colleague of mine from the next cube at work uses this gel on his knees every time after an intensive day of snowboarding on the local slopes. He swears that it works for him and it seemed to work for me on a couple of occasions as well. 

My preference is a natural product called Curamin. It is based on natural ingredient curcumin which is found in a popular Indian spice turmeric. This product is offered by Choices on 16TH and Capers on 4TH.  Many of my friends confirmed its effectiveness. Maybe I became oversensitive after my IT Band inflammation, but I take one of capsule of Curamin after each run.

To stay inflammation-free, you need to drink green tea
And you may relax if your breakfast has flax!

Injury and injury prevention has been part of my running since day one, but I hope you will not need to go back to this post too often :-)

Run Strong!

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