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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dress to Impress

Red shirt, black shorts, black hat ... no, white hat, white shirt and white/red shoes, wait ... maybe black shoes? Do you often agonize making up your mind what to wear on a race day?  What if you're planning to race in New York Marathon in front of over 2 million spectators? Or if you're a guy and you're planning to race in Boston, will  the thought of running through "screaming tunnel" at Wesley College somehow motivate you to pick the "new" shirt and not the one that was washed over 50 times. Do we try not only to run fast but also look good?

A while ago I was buying another pair of Saucony Kinvara at Forerunners. Right size, great fit, the only problem ... my size was available only in luminescent light green. I hesitated for a moment thinking about this silly looking color, but Peter who owns the store and is a well-respected member of our local running community quickly dismissed my doubts saying that runners don't care about it. Well, he got the sale. I came home with a new pair of very, very bright-green Kinvaras and had to admit the color grew on me. Love these shoes. Did my PB in May in Eugene wearing this pair. But from time to time I still catch myself pondering this question: do runners care about color matching? Well, we will know soon enough, but I will need your help!

I posted three questions for you to answer on RunnersPB Facebook page that I setup for us to provide a more interactive online platform for our virtual discussion. Results will be aggregated and posted on my blog when I come back from Europe. 

Run Strong!  ... looking good :-)

See you in August

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