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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Road-Trip Runs in Europe

It may not be easy to run when you're on your vacation with your family. There is usually a pressure to cram as many points of interest and tourist attractions as possible into every available moment. Already on a first day, your family fills your time with trips, plans, schedules; continental breakfast served until ... the pool opens at ... the bus leaves at ... And suddenly you realize that your day is filled with all activities except the one you really care for: a daily run. My solution to this problem is simple. I get up very early and go for my run. Over the last three years this task has become easier and my morning runs longer as I have been traveling mostly with my son. Not unlike most teenagers, Robert is not going to complain when I come back to our hotel room from my morning run shortly after 9:30 AM waking him up just in time to make it downstairs for the complimentary continental breakfast. On this trip, my morning runs will be slow, senza GPS, without pace expectations, and with many walk breaks to enjoy cities we visit and most of all to enjoy running again! It´s time for a brunch (Oops, we missed the breakfast) and a trip to Blue Lagoon. As you see my time is filled with plans and trips, but I have done my morning run and can really enjoy the rest of the day.

Run strong ... end enjoy it :)

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