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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Easier than Grouse Grind!

There is something therapeutic in grinding and I'm not referring to Grouse Grind. Hiking up the trail must be addictive for many as the trail gets as busy in the Summer as Robson Street during the boxing day shopping frenzy. For over a month, every day and sometimes twice a day, I've been grinding flax seeds!

There must be "something" attractive in this process, otherwise why do it? It takes additional time and effort from already busy schedule. Is this "something" the Omega-3 fats that can be found in flax seeds and have anti-inflammatory benefits? Or the fact that flax seeds make bones stronger? Or the noisy sound of the electric grinder? Or maybe it's the realization that our predecessors were also grinding various grains hundreds and thousands years ago, using less sophisticated tools of course, but following the same principle nevertheless: you take something in a simplest form and invest time and effort to turn them into something edible. Back to the basics! A chance to be part of food production chain! Back to the simplest foods, that often turn out to have the biggest nutritional benefits. 

My confidence seems to benefit from this flax grinding process as well.  The Peruvian Dynamite++ Chili usually is well received by my teenage son and his group of friends who don't mind the Dynamite++ aspect, but I cook it only twice a year and for special occasions. Even though cooking is not necessarily my forte, grinding flax seeds clearly demonstrates, at least in my mind, that I do posses some serious skills in the kitchen. All I need to do is to add the ground flax seeds  to a yogurt. Vuala! My breakfast is ready!

BTW. As far as I'm concerned, flax seeds come from Choices, Whole Foods or Capers, but for those of you who really need to dive deeper, that's a link to an article in Wikipedia 

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