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Monday, July 11, 2011

A letter from the Rebel

An anonymous reader sent me this lovely letter that was so sincere and uplifting that it deserved to be shared with our small community of runners. A community that welcomes with open arms all running rebels. 

Vancouver, July 12, 2011 

Dear PB,

Although the Rebel appears to be resistant and not so interested in all the running tidbits that the Guru and his disciples espouses, somehow their voices echo in her head as she is in the grocery store and ..... slowly a few cans of sardines and coconut water somehow ends up in her shopping cart. 

The journey begins ....  the voices continue so the Rebel finally checks out the website and with trepidation her fingers hit the submit button for a personalized running log.  Oh no, what is happening to the Rebel as the blender whirls in the wee hours of the morning making a concoction of  banana, strawberry, blueberry and blackberry smoothie with vanilla Soya milk.  Hopefully it is only a phase ... or maybe not.

Running Rebel 

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