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Monday, July 4, 2011

Are you a runner?

A good friend of mine told me recently during a long run on Sunday morning that my life was one-dimensional, mostly focused on running. It can't be right!! There is so much more to life than running. For example, another dimension in my life is work. But wait ... I turned down a well paying job last year because the required 50% travel wouldn't allow me to train for Boston.  Don't get me wrong. I like to travel. Got it! Travel must be the other dimension my friend did not see. But wait ... I usually travel by plane where majority of passengers are wearing running shoes and have ridiculously low body fat ratios going to places like Boston in April or Chicago in October. And when I travel I usually read. Yes, Reading! I love to read. That's the missing dimension in my life, right? Even though Runner's World is mailed to my residence every month I do read books, usually cover to cover. But wait .... some of the books I bought on Amazon recently: Born to Run, Chi Running, Natural Running, or Advanced Marathoning. Hmm!? Besides reading I also like to watch movies. Another dimension, right? But wait ... my personal collection includes not one, but two movies about Steve Prefontaine. Maybe my friend was right. Has my life become one dimensional with a single purpose of turning my body into a Ferrari? Is it an obsession or quite normal behavior for any runner? How can I tell if I'm a runner? How do you know whether you're a runner?

Reading a book Long May You Run by Chris Cooper I finally found an answer to this question in one of the chapters.

You're a runner when:
  • You consider pasta a food group
  • Your calf muscles are bigger than your biceps
  • You correct others that a marathon is really 26 point two miles
  • You get a massage, but it's not for pleasure
  • You use "easy run" and "five miles" in the same sentence
  • You have more shoes than your wife, and they're all for running
  • You're envious when you see runners on the road and you're driving
  • You spend more on running clothes than on school or work clothes
  • Many of your toenails are not pink anymore
  • There is a "running" playlist on your iPod
  • You view drinking beer as carbo-loading
  • You arrive sooner using the steps than the people taking the elevator
  • You run for fun :-)
Do this criteria apply to your? Hopefully they will soon. Have a good week!

Run Strong!

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