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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

26.2 Questions with Madlene and Carsten

1. Your name?
Madlene: Madlene Lazarian

Carsten: easy :-) Carsten

2. Profession?

M: Controller
C: Software janitor ... analysing, developing, and cleaning up other people's software mess

3. Favorite way to relax (downtime)?

M: Anyone who knows me knows relaxing is difficult for me. I like to walk with Rio and Carsten in the trails, just being in the trails is beautiful and all the dogs there – I love it
C: Madlene suggested a walk together with her and Rio along the Fraser (in the Southlands) but this is too specific. Relaxing in a lounge chair in the backyard on a sunny day eating gelato/ice cream from the tub is part of it. I think it comes down to not having a watch (or other time measuring device) within reach. Kicking back and not having the feeling I have to spoon up the ice cream faster because in 3 minutes 25 seconds I have to move on to the next task ...

4. Favorite movie?

M: There are many that I like but I can say that I really like the Harry Potter series. I cannot say I have one all time favourite movie.
C: The Matrix - don't we all live in

5. Favorite running legend?

M: I unfortunately don’t know too many – I would say Dick Hoyt with his son
C: sorry, never had a real idol or role model

6. Your inspirational role model?

M: Every time I am out there running and I see someone who does not fit the “typical runners profile” I am inspired. When I hear about people running who have faced physical challenges or are older and are still out there running - I always say to myself if they are out there running I have no excuse.
C: see 5

7. How long have you been running? 

M: I have always been running. In high school I was on the track team and I always preferred the longer runs at the track meets (1500m to 3000m) even though now that is not long at all. I continued running as a way to maintain fitness and weight. In 2003 I decided to run a marathon and I trained on my own and ran Vancouver. In 2008, I decided to go back to running but I started with the half and I went to Alma running room to train with others. I enjoyed the half and training with the group and I decided to go for the full. The half was in Victoria in November and I decided to do LA in February 2009. I figured I already started training so I just needed to continue and I chose LA because I had grown quite attached to LA. Everyone talks about Boston and I decided that to become my next goal. I actually was not that familiar with the significance of the Boston Marathon until joining Alma. Fortunately or unfortunately, LA marathon was postponed for the first time ever from February to May 25 I think it was due to sponsorship problems (it is now back to Feb). this gave me the chance to train with the Alma group that was training for Vancouver in May since LA was only a few weeks later. I have been running ever since.
C: I ran for a bit in 2002 and did the Vancouver Half - hated it ... returned to the couch right afterwards, then began Jan 2004 to train for marathon and caught the bug

8. How many marathons have your done? 

M: 7
C: I stopped counting at 20 but I can't remember if I just stopped last year in Chicago - i.e. 20 or 21.

9. When was your first marathon? When was your last marathon? Can you list some of the special for you marathons you did in between? 

M: My first was Vancouver 2003 and my last was Eugene 2011.
C: Vancouver 2004, 3:57, last: Eugene 3:36, Berlin (2005) loved the race, Boston (2006) loved the experience, Chicago (2005/10) personal menace, both times stress fractures, Big Sur (2008), major stomach issue, loved the scenic course ... oh and there was LA

10. What is your PB? 

M: 3:42
C: 3:14:32 Vancouver 2005 BQ, come back 3:19:02 Sacramento 2009 BQ hardest last mile ever

11. Must have accessory when you travel to run a marathon? 

M: My Garmin and my running cap LOL (I don’t think I have ever
run without my cap)
garbage bag, sweat shirt and body glide

12. Your most memorable race, when, where and why? 

M: Oh this is a tough one – I guess I would have to say Victoria 2009 because it was the first time I qualified for Boston
C: would that be LA? It's the only marathon with a lasting effect

13. Your next race? 

M: I am signed up for New York 2011 in November
C: 50yrd dash down the aisle ... or waiting at the finish; no races in the line-up but London is on the horizon

14. Hardest part of training? 

M: Realizing the difference when I don’t feel like running because I am tired and I actually should run and listening to my body when it really does need the rest. It is hard to know the difference. Usually after a run you will know if it was a good idea – if after the run I am feeling rejuvenated I know I was just being lazy but if I come back from a run even more tired than maybe it wasn’t such a good idea for me to run in the first place
C: Hearing the rain against the windows at 7:30am on a Sunday morning long run to Deep Cove

15. What’s your motivation to get out and run even when you’re not feeling up for it?

M: I am meeting friends a lot of time and the great feeling I have after I finish a workout and on the same note – the bad feeling I get when I decide not to go – I fell guilty.
C: motiwhat? I am worried that without the feeling of responsibility for the clinic bad (lazy) things might happen

16. Your favorite workout? 

M: I cannot believe I am saying this because I used to detest these workouts but I am beginning to enjoy track. It’s a short workout but I can notice the difference already in the pace I am able to keep on the track. I also really enjoy running the trails but I view those workouts as more of a relaxing activity rather than a workout
C: I like track workouts ... Yasso's 800 is cool but tough!

17. Your favorite cross-training workout? 

M: I am swimming right now once a week as a way of cross training, I prefer to do a spinning class but swimming works out better in my schedule and I think it is better for me overall. I also do Pilates once a week. I don’t think I cross train enough
C: do as I say not as I do! I don't really cross train. The closest cross training is North Shore trail running which has a lot of "hiking";

18. How many days a week do you run? 

M: Right now I am running 4 times a week but soon I want to increase it to 5 by adding a short steady run.
C: I usually run 4 times a week, at the moment time is a t a premium which means more than 2 days is hardly possible

19. Do you prefer to run in the morning or afternoon? 

M: I prefer to run in the mornings (but not early like 6am)
C: longer runs in the morning but I enjoy the evening as they help getting over the annoyances of the day

20. Do you listen to music when you run?

M: I have started to listen to music again during my tempo runs but generally I don’t like to carry more things on me than I need to.
C: never

21. Your favorite fuel before, during and after a long-run? 

M: Roctane Gu jel 15 minutes before and during. I am not very diligent about refueling after a long run
C: I eat a normal breakfast before a run, Nutella is an essential ingredient. On the run I stick with water and GU (tri-berry or the yummy blueberry Roctane)

22. What is your favorite pair of running shoes? 

M: Seems my new favourite pair is now the Nike Free – I use them for the shorter distances and tempo runs, for the longer runs I am using Mizuno’s
C: Will hooked me up with a pair of Brooks Trance a couple years ago when the RR was still selling them. They never let me down, the RR did by not selling them anymore

23. How many pairs do you have?

M: I just have 1 of Nike’s but about 3 pairs of Mizuno’s
C: 2 active Trance, a pair of trail running shoes and one or two Trance in a box. I don't keep shoes for sentimental reasons - old shoes take up space hence they need to go (and make room so Madlene can keep more sentimental things)

24. Your favorite shirt color you would wear if you were to run through a “screaming” tunnel (like at Wesley College in Boston) dominated by spectators of the opposite sex?

M: Yellow
C: Sorry Madlene ... but even before Madlene, Wellesley College wasn't for me, so white it would be ...

25. Indulgence after a long-run? 

M: I don’t have much of an appetite after a long run
C: Ground for Coffee warm cinnamon roll

26. Your favorite “recovery” drinks at a post-race party?

M: Tequila
C:  chocolate milk

26.2 How do you reward yourself after a race?

M: I cant think of anything that I specifically do after a race to reward myself. I am really happy once a race is done but I don’t do anything specific. I know I take a break from  running for a couple of weeks LOL!!
C: Q42.195: I try not to indulge too much but occasionally I did enjoy an Advil, extra strength. Most marathons go without Advil now, it does help to relax the legs especially the next day

RPB: Thank you. Have a very happy lifelong running together!

Run Strong! 

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