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Monday, November 21, 2011

Winter Break

Many signs in the city remind us that winter has arrived earlier than usual this year. Grouse and Cypress have beautiful snow caps. Big-O-Tire on W. Broadway is busy as drivers desperately winterize their vehicles. Robert is staying home today coping with a cold after a soccer game this weekend at snow-covered UBC in sub-zero temperature.  Noah fired an email last week advertising new running apparel available in Alma RR and suitable for cold weather conditions. I may need a new pair of warm running gloves myself.
On one of those cold and rainy days last week, long awaited subscription of Runners World finally arrived. To my delight one of the featured articles discussed a necessity to take a winter break to rest and get ready for a new running season next year. After a very intensive training for races in Eugene in May and New York in November, I felt that my body needed well-deserved rest. As part of my training I ran close to 1,650 km from December to May and 1,850 km from June to November, enough to cover a distance from Vancouver to Chicago. Yes, it's time to take a break and follow some of the recommendations from RW:
  • Make time to cross-train: spin cycling, swimming, yoga, cross-country skiing, or weight training for the first two weeks of rest
  • No long-runs:  run no more than 30 to 40 minutes at a time and reduce your mileage to 25% of your regular weekly mileage for the next two weeks
  • Reduce your weekly mileage to 50% for the next one or two weeks, and to 75% for the final week of rest
  • Eliminate speed work.  However, run up to 5 short intervals of 3 minutes each at a pace that feels moderately hard twice a week to keep your legs and lungs strong

Time off in December is also an excellent opportunity for me to catch up on reading or watching a movie, preferably about running J

Run Strong! Enjoy your winter break.

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