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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Any Given Sunday

It's Sunday morning. Helen and Jasper are upstairs still asleep. Bodum coffee in the kitchen is tasting great. Time to mentally get ready for a run. I can easily envision what's coming. Have done this routine many times in recent weeks. This is my last long run before tapering for Ottawa Marathon on May 26. Actually, it's a combination of a long and a tempo run done together due to limited time to train during the week. It involves running 3 miles along the canal to the gym. Then I take over one of the treadmills for a couple of hours. 1 mile warmup is followed by 5 miles at marathon race pace. Followed by a short break to re-hydrate.  My shirt is quickly soaked. Good time to change it. Flipping the channel from TSN to SportsNet also adds some variety. One third of the workout is done. Repeat. Repeat. Done. It's time to drink a jar of chocolate milk and slowly run back home carrying a backpack that feels heavy. I'm procrastinating this morning. Maybe it's because this is a lonely workout and I miss doing long runs with friends from Alma. I know my lower back will be protesting again. I can feel the weight and fatigue of several weeks of intensive trainig. A vision of "super" breakfast afterwards is somehow persuading my mind. A glass of wheat beer in the afternoon creates another positive association. I'm sold. Time to do it!

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